Call me “Hotel Guy”

Traveling is my biggest passion. I carefully choose the place where I will stay in every new travel plan.

  • In which neighborhood can I easily access tourist attractions?
  • Is my area safe?
  • Is transportation easy if I want to go out at night?
  • What are the prices of the hotels?

While I always ask myself this and more, I thought why not post the answers on a blog site. That’s how area2stay.com was created.

Hello, I’m Sinan Anderson. While working in the digital advertising industry, I travel whenever I have free time. I like to review hotels. I try to experience as many hotels and homes as possible.

I have traveled to many countries in America, Europe, and Africa. While meeting thousands of new people, I stayed in dozens of hotels. Now I share with you both my views on the regions of cities and the best hotels I have found.

“I could easily escape to a hotel for a weekend and do absolutely nothing.” – David Boreanaz

We recommend keeping our site in mind to research areas before you travel to your destination. I write everywhere I go. Therefore, the number of destinations is increasing day by day. It will be easier to find the place you are looking for.

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