Where to Stay in Bisbee AZ


In southeast Arizona tucked away in the Mule Mountains lies the quaint, historic mining town city of Bisbee. If you are after an adventure that lets your creative spirit run free, your arty personality unleased without constraints, or simply looking to be immersed in a friendly, warm-welcoming community, the visiting Bisbee is a must.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘hippie-town’ this mining town has become a destination spot for tourists and travelers looking for an immersive cultural experience and is unjudging with colorful characters everywhere you go.

Something for everyone.

There is so much to learn about, see, and explore in Bisbee with excursions and tours for the whole family or just as a couple, and being close to your interests is key to getting the most out of your trip. There are mining excursions, haunted tour trips for the brave, and fantastic shopping opportunities and nightlife.

Every day is a day for adventure, but in Bisbee, every day is a day for learning. Travelers who have visited Bisbee say they would visit again just to be immersed in the history and culture again.

The mining industry in the Mule Mountains beginning in 1880 helped to meet World War One demands with the famous high-grade copper, and also produced precious stones such as silver and gold and the iconic blue Bisbee turquoise stone.

Who knew a humble mountain would have so much to offer to the world, and now, the area. Tours can be taken with retired mining employees who relive great, and horrific, moments through stories while descending a cool 1500 feet below the surface.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out there as although the summer months are dry and hot, typical of a semi-arid climate, they are prone to monsoons and heavy rainfalls.

Where to stay in Bisbee Arizona

The 3 main neighborhoods, namely;

  • Tintown – A great spot to hear tales of how the area got its name and why.
  • Warren – Bungalow houses are designed with arts and crafts in mind.
  • Lowell – A cool spot to enjoy the great outdoors.
bisbee neighborhoods map
Red arrow: Lowell, Blue arrow: Warren, Green arrow: Tintown

Helps us to discover both the historical site of the area, the tourist must-see vacation spots, and Bisbee for all its glory and rich culture. You may be looking for the best places to stay in Bisbee, or simply cheap hotels in Bisbee, either way, we have something suited for varying budgets and in a diverse range of locations.

This way you have all the information you need, everything you need to know about the neighborhoods and accommodations in Bisbee AZ, and you can plan the trip of a lifetime for the family, your partner, or a group of friends to make memories that will last forever.

Let’s jump right in and find your perfect spot to rest your head for the evening before your next day’s adventures.

Tintown, Arizona

tintown bisbee

This neighborhood, within the Bisbee area, is home to some of the nation’s hardest-working families and some say this is an attribute to how the town got its name. There are many stories told about the origin of the name, and while no one knows for sure the truth, the versions communicated have some truthful ring to them.

It has been said that the tin element came from the tin cans the residents used to catch water dripping through cracks in the roof. Another great folk tale is that the homeowners, struggling for money, would use tin and scrap metal to construct makeshift roofing to protect them from the elements.

Perhaps both are true, it could well be possible a combination of the two, irrespective of a strong work ethic has been instilled into the community and you can feel it when you talk with the residents and hear about their lives.

Sightseeing: Rated by popular reviews and sights to see.

  • Bisbee Mining and historical museum – This is the town and Bisbee at its best, with an interactive tour, discover why the American Industrial Revolution had such a great impact and how copper changed the world. The museum has two award-winning permanent displays along with other changing spectacles, and you’ll know you have arrived by the enormous artificial flies adorned the building.
  • Lavender Pit – This former open-pit copper mine spans an area of 300 acres and was named after Harrison Lavender who created a way to turn the lower-grade copper into the commercial copper ore that helped world evolution. The photo opportunities from afar are a view worth a thousand words, but you cannot go into nor near the mine itself. Still worth seeing.

Attractions: Rated unique and quirky by travelers.

  • Lavender Jeep Tours – Driving around in a purple open door Jeep is certainly one way to sightsee, but with a professional guide on the culture and history of the unique area, the drivers will tell all you want to know. Enjoy a drive through the suburbs, hills, and back roads, and end up on a nearby ranch for a picnic, it doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Old Bisbee Ghost Tour – An adventure excursion for those who enjoy a bit of ghost hunting. The tour takes place at night and visitors have been enjoying this guide for more than 15 years. Hear the stories, try to spot misty figures, and then visit the gift shop to take home a momentum to remember it all by. Great fun for the whole family.

Accommodation: Rated by highest stars and traveler reviews.

  • Eldorado Suites Hotel (4 stars, 9.4 superb travelers rating, 9.7 for location) – Built-in 1914 this territorial–style building was once the home for miners and their families while they worked in the area. You can leave your car parked safely at the property and walk to the restaurants and cafes only a few minutes away, or relax in a room with a balcony and city views. With quirky décor in each room, if you want to find unique places to stay in Bisbee, this would be one of them.
  • Bisbee Brownstone Suites (4 stars, 9.5 exceptional travelers rating, 9.7 for location) – Comfort and luxury with rooms decorated elegantly and fitted with all the amenities you could want to make your stay comfortable. Main Street lined with cafés, restaurants, and shops is just a few minutes walks away, and hiking or cycling activities are off-site just around the corner for a small additional cost. Your home away from home.
  • Bisbee Grand Hotel (4 stars, 7.7 good travelers rating, 9.2 for location) – Enjoy a complimentary American breakfast in the mornings and music in the saloon in the evenings. There is a bar, snack bar, restaurant on site, and a sun terrace for happy hour drinks. Rooms are cozy and well decorated and have Jacuzzi-style bathtubs to unwind tight muscles from the day’s adventures.

Warren; Arizona

warren bisbee

Try to plan your trip so that you have the opportunity to visit this character-filled residential area that opens its homes to visitors during the city’s annual open-home tour, and see not only the quirky, colorful exteriors but appreciate the bespoke furnishings as you enter these homes considered once only for the most affluent.

Given the distinction of the first planned community, the homes in Warren were primarily bedroom communal homes and as mentioned, the upper-class residents of the mining district had first choice and priority on the properties.

Sightseeing: Rated as one-of-a-kind must-see stops.

  • Bisbee Restoration Museum – A perfect way to delve into the past is Bisbee, filled with antique artifacts that have been donated, restored, discovered, and although it may look a little small from the exterior, you will be pleasantly surprised at the 3 stories that are home to the history of Bisbee. A perfect pit stop for a couple of hours.
  • Sam Poe Gallery – If unusual is your cup of tea then this is the place for you. Bespoke handcrafted art and installations, as well as wooden puppet creations, make visiting the gallery an absolute must. The intricacies that go into the work will keep you marveling at the work for ages, truly an artistic gem in the area.

Attractions: A truly Tintown Bisbee experience.

  • Warren Ballpark – A way to get involved and see the age-old game of baseball played like it was in yesteryear with old school rules and equipment (if any) and still continues to be operational to this day. And all surrounded by a beautifully landscaped park and play area for the children to run free in, a great day out when the weather is bright out.
  • Copper Queen Mine – Who doesn’t love to ride on an open vintage mining train through tunnels and learn about the mining history of the area, a great activity for the whole family to learn some interesting facts? If you are lucky enough you could enjoy the tour given by an ex-minor and hear about the adventures they got up to while in the mines filled with humor and innuendo.

Accommodation: Rated by lowest star rating for a more budget-friendly option.

  • Copper Queen Hotel (3 stars, 7.2 good travelers rating, 8.9 for location) – A vintage-styled hotel that serves food throughout the day with an on-site restaurant, drinks at the bar to end the evening, or wake up for a fresh swim in the outdoor pool. There is often live music and evening entertainment which is great when you just feel like staying on property, although you are close enough to the city to go exploring.
  • Hotel San Ramon (3 stars, 9.0 superb travelers rating, 9.6 for location) – Restaurants, cafes, and bars are all within walking distance, unspoiled views of the Mule Mountains are easily visible, and the hotel offers evening entertainment. A top location with fully kitted, comfortable rooms.
  • The Inn at Castle Rock (3 stars, 7.9 good travelers rating, 9.3 for location) – Wow is all you will manage to say when you arrive at this property. Unique theming is one way of looking at it with rooms decorated from quirky, to crazy, to vintage, it is like staying in an art gallery. Amazing. Enjoy a continental breakfast and then go for a bike ride on one of the many trails in the area with complimentary bikes on the property.


lowell bisbee

If red sand and vintage cars are on your traveling agenda then be sure to visit this small community town of Lowell, just outside of the central Bisbee area and close to Tintown. While it may be what some may think is off the beaten track (although it was incorporated into Bisbee in the 1900s) it is actually a great place for some peace and quiets away from the madness that can be consumed by the city and downtown areas.

Walking down the streets of Lowell just down the road from Bisbee will seem like a movie set with old school shop signage and antique-looking vehicles and architectural designs, this could be heaven for artists and photographers or even for those unique social media snapshots to make your friends jealous.

Sightseeing: Rated by rare and unique stops.

  • Erie Street – Close to the Lavender Pit, this iconic stop in Lowell is a must-see for auto enthusiasts and an appreciation of vintage vehicles. A step back in time is an understatement with traditional storefronts and gas stations, this is the ultimate bespoke photography opportunity. Step into some of the stores to see the quirky décor and trinkets and be sure to take one home for a souvenir.
  • The Muheim Heritage House Museum – A uniquely designed house beautifully restored and well maintained, enter for a tour by the onsite docent, and the entrance fee is with a donation. The views from the exterior are superb as well as the outside of the actual house, and the inside is quaint and neatly furnished. A nice pit stop for a different experience.

Attractions: Get hands-on with activities and excursions.

  • Lowell Observatory – Essentially two for the price of one this stop is both brilliant in the daytime and more magnificent in the evening when the night sky comes alive. Learn all there is about the planets and the solar system with professional staff onsite to answer all your questions. Kids will love looking at the telescopes and pointing out the planets.
  • Fort Lowell Museum – This is a stop that is great for both adults and kids. While you read about the incredible history of the apache the children can explore and touch some of the tools and artifacts used during that time. Great photos and signage everywhere with additional information, and you have the opportunity to see the kitchen just outside. Worth it for the information and day out.

Accommodation: Rated by proximity to Lowell center.

  • Greenway Manor (1 thumb up, 9.1 superb travelers rating, 9.0 for location) – Bespoke décor with each room whimsically decorated, the manor offers buffet breakfast which can be enjoyed inside or when the weather is good, on the terrace. Stand-up comedy and hiking activities can be enjoyed off-site, be sure to enquire at the desk, and private parking is available at the property so driving there is not a problem.
  • Bisbee home less than half Mi to park and tennis courts (3 stars, 10.0 exceptional travelers rating, 8.8 for location) – Enjoy a whole house to yourself for the family to relax and unwind without anyone around, heaven on Earth. All attractions and excursions are only a 5-10 minutes drive away, perfect for day trips when you choose but tucked away for some downtime and peace. Relax in the backyard, have a BBQ and the kids can be enjoying playing some basketball and shooting hoops.
  • Cozy Bisbee Apt with Historic Downtown Views (3 stars) (2.5km from Lowell) – The ultimate getaway spot with a gorgeous view, and outdoor dining facilities, and is perfect for couples or solo travelers. All amenities are fitted in the home, and off-site adventures are a 5 minutes drive from the property. Sit outside under the stars in the evenings with a couple of chilled drinks, you won’t want to leave.

The area of Bisbee is certainly filled with a vast amount of history that dates back centuries and has had pinnacle points in history that have carved the path we see today. Visiting historic locations and well-preserved museums is only a small part of stopping here, the surrounding towns are just as quaint and filled with great stories.

If Bisbee was on your bucket list of destinations do not hesitate to make it a priority, it is unlike any place you will visit for a vacation. Too often when we plan a holiday trip we forget to enjoy the cultural side of the community, and that is a shame because more than not it is one of the best parts. Chatting to locals while dining out or learning from the tour guides there is always something new to learn and explore.

Bisbee, a rich historical site is a humble place with an open-arm community and a top tourist destination that makes vacationing a true joy and adventure.

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