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A tropical savanna climate with zero ever frost recorded throughout history is why finding out where to stay in Key Largo is a must, this is a tourist’s dream vacation spot and has 3000 hours of sunshine each year. Yes, please. Now, you will find the best area and places to stay in Key Largo.

If you have ever dreamt of visiting the Florida Keys and the islands within the area, knowing the best places to stay in Key Largo is going to have to be on the top of your list for the ultimate holiday.

Key Largo has a rich history with stories and tales dating back to as early as the 1920s when the Du Pont castle was built (also famously referred to as Largo Sound Rock Castle), it has been said to be haunted after surviving the hurricane in 1935, and who doesn’t love a bit of adventure when holidaying in Key Largo, Florida Keys.

When searching for the best places to stay in Key Largo, FL you should know that it is not only the first of the Florida Key Islands, but the northernmost island too stretching 32 miles in length, and thus, is the largest.

There are so many places to explore and exotic water activities to take part in when visiting Key Largo, it is the Dive Capital of the World (self-proclaimed, and why not) and is home to the largest artificial reef in the world, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

And, if water excursions are not your cup of tea then the botanical scenery on the island has been said to be the most fascinating in the state along with other day trip options such as visiting the national park or the marine sanctuary.

You could also opt for day water trips that keep you dry like the glass-bottomed boat cruise, this way you get to experience the ocean while staying comfortable and dry onboard and can still be done in overcast weather.

There is something for everyone and which is why finding out where to stay in the Key Largo area can make all the difference between a good or a great vacation. With this extensive list of the top recommended accommodations on Key Largo Island, you can pick and choose a holiday spot perfect for your traveling party.

Note to highlight*

The not-for-profit Island Dolphin Care in conjunction with the Dolphin Plus program sees people (both adults and children of all ages) from around the globe heading to Key Largo for its dolphin therapy program.

This rehabilitation is life-changing and has made a significant impact on many people’s lives.

Where to stay in Key Largo Florida

Holidays, in general, are usually packed with fun and activities and great tasting food and drinks, but if you have to travel for miles to reach a specific point or are so far off the radar that it makes the trip not worthwhile you can be sure that no one is going to be having a good time.

You want to have a prime location that is close to the beach, to the best places to eat and drink, but still have the privacy and exclusivity of not being too nearby that you can’t get a moment of peace to take in the moments.

It may be a balancing act but taking a look at the various hotels in Key Largo on the beach or more inland will be worth it.

While you are out there it is worth noting that the island was once well known for its Key Lime plantations, and Key Lime pie is still very much a staple dessert in restaurants and on menus throughout the Florida Keys.

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Key Largo Location

Sometimes when we go on holiday all we need is a place to rest our heads after a long day of activities and adventures, and splashing out on amenities we more than likely won’t end up using is a waste of money.

We could rather be using those funds to explore the culture outside of the hotel room or apartment.

Let’s discover Key Largo for all its worth and how best to immerse yourself in the culture and with the locals.

Where to Stay in Key Largo for Cheap? (2 stars)

Accommodation: For when you want your budget to be more cuisine, excursion, and activity focused. Where to stay in Key Largo for cheap, rated according to stars and price.

  • Rock Reef Resort – Vintage experience is what you will find and truly enjoy when staying at Rock Reef Resort. This family-owned and run vacation spot are perfect for larger families or groups of friends without needing an overly large hotel to accommodate everyone at extortionate prices. Beach access within a few minutes’ walk, private boat docking deck for day excursion pick up and drop-offs, and all the amenities and fundamentals needed for a great holiday.
  • Amoray Dive Resort – This has been given a top star rating based on the suitability of where to stay in Key Largo for couples, with a private pool and the beach a brisk walk away, it is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the more popular tourist rentals.

And if you don’t want to leave the resort, there are a garden and barbeque facilities on site to enjoy as you please.

  • Sunset Cove Beach Resort – Everything you need, humble, simple, and right on the beach. Kayaks are available for a morning paddle and are perfectly located near bars and restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine and beverages. If you want a place to just drop your bags and go explore then this is it, no worrying about facilities or amenities you may miss out on, and pop back in the evening to relax in the garden and rest your head to be ready for the next day’s adventures.
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Activities: These are free things to do or budget-friendly or donation-based (still optional).

  • Wild Birds Sanctuary – Here you’ll be able to walk around and visit the birds of the island and from the more fragile ecosystems that are permanent residents, they are not and will not be released. But rather cared for, for the duration of their lives.
  • North Dry Rocks – A reef consisting of limescale ledges, and because they range from shallow to only around 5 feet below the water surface, it is perfect for those just starting on their diving adventures.
  • The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail – A 106-mile-long walk or cycle trail that stretches over the ocean. A great way to enjoy the ocean air, relax when the weather is nice, and the perfect option to de-stress.

Attractions: Sightseeing in Key Largo:

  • Kayaking The creeks and tunnels of the mangroves are best seen from the waters, immersed in nature, and to see the wildlife up close. A great activity the whole family can enjoy.
  • Dolphin or Jet Ski snorkel tours Take a boat trip and see the dolphins swimming past in groups and families. Or, you can hop on a jet ski with a mate or solo and hit the waves for an adrenaline-boosting thrill.

Best Places to Stay in Key Largo for Families. (3 stars)

Accommodation: Rated according to size and suitability.

  • Emerald Palm – Often families go on holidays with other families and this is the perfect option for you, a home with 4 bedrooms offers plenty of space to enjoy a vacation with people you care about. Plenty of amenities, excursions only 10 minutes away, and a fully kitted game room to keep the kids occupied for hours.
  • Floridian Sunrise – A holiday spot on the water’s edge. This 2 bedroom terraced apartment allows you your own space with the kids in the other room and nobody is on top of each other. Cycling and activities around the corner at your leisure, and has a private boat tie point for docking after dinner on the water.
  • Far Side of the Island – Not too close and not too far, this is a great spot to enjoy as a large group or with extended family. Only 6km from The Dolphin Cove and The Reef making it perfect for the kids for nearby activities. A great outdoor area where the kids can run around and play in the safety of the property boundaries. This simple rental is great when you don’t want to spend too much on sleeping arrangements but rather on activities in the Key Largo area.
far side of the island key largo
Far Side of the Island, Key Largo

Activities: Budget-friendly activities with a small fee, these help to sustain the economy and community.

  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State ParkExperience the ocean and its inhabitants close up and like never before. Snorkeling and scuba diving excursions, with equipment and training on hand, and is a great adventure experience for kids.
  • African Queen Canal CruiseWhether you want to enjoy a relaxing canal cruise or even a dinner cruise to Pilot House Marina the 100-year-old African Queen will take you there. A beautiful way to enjoy the island waters.
  • Island Dolphin Care – Now the children can learn something incredible while on holiday when visiting here, an institution that focuses on therapy using dolphins for people with special needs or PTSD for veterans. It is a non-profit organization but donations are always welcome.

Attractions: Likely to sell out, these recommended attractions should be booked as early as possible.

  • Florida Keys Eco Boat Tour – The perfect way to spend a couple of hours away from the crowds. This bespoke and intimate tour with professional staff will show you and educate you on the wildlife and ecosystems in the area while exploring the waters to spot manatees and dolphins. Sail through the marina, the open waters, and amongst the indigenous trees for a true immersion experience.
  • Private sunset cruise in Key Largo – After a long day of sightseeing and activities, this is how you want to end your day. A private sail on the water with complimentary drinks on board, feel free to bring a picnic basket for a nibble out at sea or for a romantic date and watch the sunset behind the dark blue ocean and make way for the evening.

Best Places to Stay in Key Largo for Couples. (4 stars)

Accommodation: Rated by price (more upmarket end of the scale; luxury) and services.

  • Cuda Canal Cottage – A home away from home when you want to unwind, relax and still have the option to do work in peace and quiet. Right on the canal front, this is tranquility on your doorstep. Listen to the sounds of the water in the early morning with your cup of coffee on the terrace or head out to see the sunrise in the kayaks, then come home to an open-plan living space where you can work in comfort. Watch the world go by as you chill next to the water. A great spot to have time together as a couple without any interruptions.
  • Licensed MGR – 3/3.5 Modern Villa – Key Largo’s Premier Oceanfront Resort – The ultimate in luxury when you want to get away just as a group of couples, with no kids for this trip, and to enjoy the best of what Key Largo has to offer. This property is in the upper market neighborhood with a full service of available amenities.
key largo hotels
Licensed MGR – 3/3.5 Modern Villa – Key Largo’s Premier Oceanfront Resort

Each couple can have their own room and space and access to a private beach and swimming pool. No loud screaming from kids as you relax on the loungers in the sun sipping fruity cocktails and surrounded by tiki huts for a paradise island away from the city.

Activities: Private, custom tours for when you don’t want to share and are happy to pay that little bit extra.

  • Key Largo Bay Sunset Tour – Limited to 6 people this deck boat is bespoke in all it offers. Drinks on board, private sail on the water amongst the marine life, and a perfect location spot to watch the night sky come alive and the sun sinking behind the horizon. An intimate setting and a great way to wrap up the day as you head to dinner on the island. Cheers with drinks and great friends on the boat are what memories are made of.
  • Private tour of Key Largo and Islamorada – The full package and experience to see all that the Keys have to offer for sightseeing in Key Largo and on to Islamorada. An open-top bus to feel the breeze as you drive through the local towns and wave to the locals and tourists along the way. The guide will stop at prime locations for authentic dining and shopping experiences and show you places otherwise unknown to solo traveling. A full day’s trip and worth the time spent.

Attractions: Top picks rated by unique experience adventures (a must-try attraction in Key Largo).

  • Reef snorkeling trips – Diving in the waters for a view with a difference. The third-largest reef in the world and the only one in the USA, this is a trip you want to put on the to-do list. Get up close and personal with the marine life, take amazing underwater photos with beautiful sea animals and the iconic underwater Jesus, and enjoy the open waters and prime diving spots.
  • Mangroves and manatees kayak tour – Paddling alongside and through the mangrove forests is a relaxing adventure where you can simply take a moment, a deep breath, and enjoy nature. Seeing the manatees swimming alongside the kayaks and the wild birds in the trees, is a tranquil experience.
  • Key Largo Glass Bottom Boat Adventure – A great trip for when you don’t want to be in the water but still want to enjoy the ocean, and this experience is great even on overcast days as the ocean floor is easily visible from the boat. Head out with your partner for a unique sail with a drinks and snacks bar on board and see the coral reef and fish while staying dry.
  • Private Deep Sea Charter Fishing – Get hands-on with this excursion as you see and learn different techniques to catch a variety of fish out in the deep waters. Visiting well-known shipwreck locations for a prime fishing spot and exploring fish reserves for plenty of catching opportunities. Everyone has a chance to get their catch of the day, great fun, and a top attraction.

The best places to stay in Key Largo Florida can make all the difference to your vacation and when you find the perfect location for your needs, party demographic, and interests you can be sure your trip to Key Largo will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

Key Largo is as picturesque as you see in the magazines, and a trip on the bucket list for large groups, families, or even couples looking to get out of the city for a much-needed break. Find the best places to stay in the Key Largo Fl. area with this great list curated for the best excursions and locations to suit all budgets.

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