Where to Stay in Newport RI

newport ri

A beautiful, seaside city in Rhode Island is where you’ll find the picturesque Newport, on the southern end of Aquidneck Island, offering a vast span of marinas that are home to million-dollar yachts and sailboats.

If you enjoy the magazine-worthy brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets then the downtown area is the place to be, buzzing with tourists in the upscale region, you will find cafés, restaurants, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

Best Places to Stay in Newport RI

The unique feature about this city is the option to use transport to get around other than cars. While the public transport system is adequate and efficient, many people opt for bikes, scooters, and mopeds (or walking) to travel from A to B which is great fun for families with kids and convenient for tourist travelers.

Finding the best places to stay in the area is another point to consider and keep in mind when looking for locations that offer services, attractions, and amenities that relate to your interests.

You want the best places to stay in Newport RI on the water if days at the beach area are on the agenda or you want the kids to experience unique water excursions and activities.

If it’s a family affair vacation then specifying your search for family-friendly places to stay in Newport RI would be more appropriate, no matter the demographic of your traveling party, there will be somewhere wonderful for you to rest your head and to explore the magical city of Newport.

A piece of history.

While you may be on the hunt for advice on where to stay in Newport RI one thing for certain is you will want to check out the Mansion scene, and there are plenty of mansions to experience. With more than 250-years of architecture and history, the tours of the properties with audio and detailed information are something not to be missed.

The large gardens are perfectly sculpted with topiaries and the grand homes are perfectly preserved with artifacts and historical remnants, a great day outing for the whole family to enjoy, get involved with and learn about.

Movie theatres and museums are scattered throughout the region and there are plenty of spectacular shows to make a night of, and when the lights and attractions are over, you can opt for a quiet day on the water with fishing, or even lazing on the beach soaking up the sun.

This holiday city has it all, and you would do well to make a trip here and immerse yourself in its rich culture and environment.

Best Area to Stay in Newport RI

Finding the best place to stay in Newport RI is also, in most cases, dependent on your budget and the area you prefer, in this article, we will explore something for all interests and various sized traveling parties and you can find the one most suitable for you.

Featured neighborhoods:

  • Bellevue Avenue
  • Thames
  • Cliff Walk
newport ri neighborhoods map
Red arrow: Cliff Walk, Green arrow: Bellevue Avenue, Orange arrow: Thames

Let’s see the best of what they have to offer and plan the best vacation you will remember forever.

Bellevue Avenue

bellevue avenue ri

The surrounding streets, and Bellevue Avenue itself, is a leafy area that is home to some of the most exclusive places to stay in New England. This affluent residential area has iconic sights that, although many are now museums and galleries, are still a great location for a more upmarket, luxurious staycation, and enjoying the finer things in life is easy to do here.

Homes in the area overlook the Atlantic Ocean and why so many opulent families would travel and stay here for their summer trips and vacations. This 2 ½ mile-long stretch of history runs from the Viking Hotel to Rough Point and has endless points of interest along the way.

Accommodation: Rated by proximity to Bellevue Avenue and to experience a life of luxury, if even only for a moment.

  • Artful Lodger (5-stars) – If you are looking for luxury places to stay in Newport RI then look no further, this property is just 1-minute from the beach and right on the harbor doorstep. Wake up to the ambient sounds of the water, the seamen heading out for the day, and all while enjoying a daily hot breakfast in the breakfast room or outdoor seating area. The perfect location is close to activities but far enough to enjoy a moment of peace.
  • The Vanderbilt, Auberge Resorts Collection (5-stars) – A home away from home with everything you need at your fingertips. The property has 2 onsite dining options, a fitness and spa center for days when you want to relax and unwind or kick start with a quick session, and they allow pets so the whole family can stay. Not only is there daily housekeeping but the outdoor pool is a great way to cool down when you don’t want the sand from the beach. The perfect spot for a long retreat or if you are just passing through and want to know where to stay in Newport RI for one night.

Attractions: Rated by uniqueness and immersion.

  • The Bellevue Zip Tour – There is nothing more exciting for kids than flying through the trees on a zip line that seems endlessly exhilarating. A great activity for team building or large groups, and makes for a great day out when the weather is filled with blue skies and sunshine. Get up close and personal with nature and enjoy the broadleaf maple and Douglas Firs trees in their natural habitat. 
  • Whale watch from Bellevue – Wild whales are as majestic and beautiful as we see in the movies, and although some spots on land make it possible to see the whales splashing about in the water, a guided boat tour significantly increases your sightseeing chance. A must-try water excursion that will make those moments that much more memorable.

Sightseeing: Rated on cultural and natural beauty and a piece of history.

  • Bellevue Botanical Garden – The 53-acres of concentrated Pacific North West Flora will not disappoint. The beauty of the urban botanicals displayed throughout the garden has something blooming every month so seasonal visits are always on the cards during the year. And in winter, there is still something magical to see with the Garden d’Lights spectacular that has over half a million lights strategically placed to brighten even the gloomiest winter afternoon.
  • Mercer Slough Nature Park – 320-acres of outdoor beauty makes this the largest city park in Bellevue. Besides the wetland scenery that spans the area, there is also an on-site blueberry farm where you can purchase the locally grown, fresh berries to take home and enjoy. Mercer Slough Park has one of the area’s biggest and most popular tourist attractions, the Environmental Education Center where the kids can get hands-on and get the full Mercer Slough sightseeing experience.


thames rhodes

The Thames neighborhood is as popular as ever, representing the center of downtown and a historic, brick-paved street filled with elegant shops and eateries. The buzzing atmosphere and energy make it a great stop when looking for an immersive, local vibe.

Art galleries with works from local to international talents fill shop windows, and iconic homes in the surrounding area, each as beautiful as the next offer great photo opportunities, and seeing the region from the water is the perfect way to wrap up the day. This famous Thames Street runs parallel to the waterfront so you always have a great view of the Ocean.

Accommodation: Rated by beachfront and traveler reviews.

  • The Atlantic House (3-stars) – Just 5 minutes drive from Thames Street this beachfront property is idyllic and magazine-worthy. Cozy rooms make finding where to stay in Newport RI for young adults a breeze, you don’t have to stress about oversized and underused accommodation. You can enjoy breakfast in-house or if you have an early day trip or excursion planned the property is more than happy to pack a breakfast-to-go, what more do you need.
  • Scarborough Beach Motel (3-stars) – Waking up to the sea air wafting in the window sounds like heaven on earth right, well now you can enjoy it for yourself. This property is located across the road from the waves, has hot tea and coffee in the mornings to help you start the day, and if the weather is not great for a beach day, attractions and great walks are only a 10-minutes drive away. Boutique rooms with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, and the location has been voted as one of the top spots when discovering where to stay in Newport Beach RI.

Attractions: Rated unusual by travelers but an activity not to be missed.

  • Rose Island Lighthouse – This 1869, still operational, the lighthouse has all the charm you could want from a visit. The history and story behind it are fascinating, a great day trip by boat for the entire family to embark on, and if reserved early enough you could stay on-site (in the lighthouse) (cool places to stay in Newport RI) to immerse yourself in the seamen’s lifestyle. Quant and quirk, the décor is simplistically elegant.
  • Newport Walking Food Tour – A walking tour for the culinary enthusiasts in your party, and even if there aren’t, we all love good food, and this tour shows you the best places to get the best dishes. As you walk along and sample the local cuisine at restaurants, cafés, and hidden gems you learn about how that particular business started, what makes it unique, or even why the name is called that? There is so much to absorb, and fantastic tasting food along the way.

Sightseeing: Rated by top sights and activities that embrace Newport

  • Newport Sea Foam Trading – Get hands-on (or not) in his boutique shop where soaps and aromatics are hand-made with a touch and essence of the ocean. A perfect stop to see how soaps are made using locally sourced ingredients, and a great option to purchase a soap you made or a souvenir to take home as a memorabilia. They also make for great gifts.
  • IYRS School of Technology & Trades – The old trades’ skill of making things by hand, these wooden boats and yachts are the building blocks in learning and education for students, and you get to see them in action as they mold and sculpt the wood to form it into something of beauty.
  • International Tennis Hall of Fame – To see how this sport of the elite has evolved is a real eye-opener, with vintage equipment and clothing to how the game, rules, and the court has progressed is something to see and not likely to ever forget. And now you can see it in all its exquisitely preserved glory. Perfectly manicured grounds are the best backdrop for those social media photo opportunities and a great day out all around.

Cliff Walk

cliff walk

One of Newport’s biggest attractions the 3.5mile long trail along a rocky edge makes Cliff Walk a popular traveler’s destination. Getting out of the house is one thing, but doing it in style is another, and Cliff Walk is serenity and tranquility all wrapped up with a neat bow to enjoy at your leisure.

The area is renowned for its famous residences you can see as you stroll along the shoreline with panoramic ocean views that stretch as far as the eye can see, the sea breeze hitting your face with pleasure, as you breathe in the salty air, life doesn’t seem to get much better than that I would say.

While you may opt to walk the entire length of the strip or only certain parts, there is a skill level suited for everyone. Some points require mild rock climbing and navigating and the rest allow you to be enveloped in the beauty that is the cliff, either way, it will be an unforgettable adventure.

Accommodation: Rated by proximity to the cliff.

  • The Chanler at Cliff Walk – Like something out of a fairytale, old age décor with high sophistication and elegance. You may have been searching for where to stay near mansions in Newport RI, now you have a chance to stay and sleep in one of them. Enjoy meals with an ocean view and when you want to end the evening with a stroll on the beach it is only 8-minutes away. Just enough time to digest your food and enjoy a moonlit walk with your loved one.
  • The Cliffside Inn – Right on the doorstep of the cliff to enjoy as you wish. The rooms have bespoke décor and theming throughout with certain rooms designed with skylight windows for you to fall asleep under the stars. Breakfast is served daily, wineries and other attractions are only a 5-minutes drive from the property, and you can enjoy the many beaches that are within walking distance from this location.

Attractions: Rated by most visited.

  • The Breakers – Without a doubt the most famous and opulent of properties, once home to the Vanderbilt family, this iconic and scenic location is now a specialty museum. To be looked at as you pass by on your cliff walk trail, or enjoyed as a walkthrough tour, the grandeur of the home is something to marvel at. Breathtakingly rich and beautiful.
  • New Port Art Museum – To enjoy and see artworks from local and national artists of the Rhode Island area it doesn’t get more homegrown than this. The museum is a work of art in itself with wooden beam work throughout, a great way to spend a couple of hours during the day between excursions or at the beginning of the day to get things rolling.

Sightseeing: Based on theArts and cultural history.

  • The Marble House – Grandeur is one way of describing what, at the time, was considered a ‘small’ summer ‘cottage’, but decked out in marble from head to toe and with the array of colorful stained glass windows, this was quite a gift to give and receive, but opulence was the way of life for the Vanderbilt’s. A walk away from the family’s other property The Breakers, both worth a visit and easily done together in one day.
  • Chateau-Sur-Mer – Victorian architecture, bespoke ceramics, and intricately designed wallpaper throughout the property pair perfectly with the unique wood moldings and stairwells. While the overall aesthetic is still more than many of us are used to, it is not designed in such an overbearing way. A great escape from the other properties that look more modern (in a sense for the gilded era), but has a more cozy, homey feel to them. 

Newport is one of those seaside, coastal locations that screams luxury, grandeur, and opulence when you see it for the first time, but once you get to experience local excursions and guided tours that immerse you in the culture, you soon realize how historical this beautiful city is.

Anywhere you choose to stay, when searching for cool places to stay in Newport RI, will offer you something unique, and there will certainly be an interesting story to the property, and the sights are not something to skip out on.

A great choice for a vacation that suits all family demographics.

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