Where to Stay in South Haven

south haven

A quaint port side city, located on the mouth of the black river and Lake Michigan, South Haven is a state in Michigan that is home to an extensive variety of cultural attractions and tourist spots.

The charm of this small town is why people flock here each summer and visiting this location as part of your summer adventure is a must on the bucket list, there is something to do for the whole family from kids to adults, and all demographics. 

There are so many reasons to visit South Haven but one of the most popular reasons is because there are endless stretches of beaches that you can enjoy throughout the trip. A few are more secluded if you are looking for some downtime with your other half, others have integrated playgrounds perfect for entertaining the kids while you soak up the sun, and then for the more adventurous of travelers water sports and activities are widely available for you to take part in. There is nothing more exhilarating than being out in the vast ocean on a paddleboard or kayak, being up close and personal with nature, and enjoying the best of the area.

Enjoying life is a must and South Haven is a great place to explore nature and culture at its best, an area with a rich history, and sightseeing spots for all to enjoy and immerse yourselves in the community and culture. 

Best Places to Stay in South Haven, MI

Visiting the area is one thing, but finding the perfect place for the best experience is another, we will be looking at options suited to all family types, sizes, and profiles, and you will certainly find something that suits your needs and interests. 

When you stay in a new place you want to feel comfortable, and safe, and be close to amenities and attractions that appeal to you. With options on the best places to stay in south haven, you have everything you could want at your fingertips and make the best decision for the ultimate vacation trip to remember forever?

The Black River is just one of the beauties you will enjoy while out and about, but there is plentiful scenery to enjoy nature and the outdoors with hikes and trails and lookout points that are picturesque. 

Once you have had a few days out in the sun and enjoying the various activities you can take a moment’s break to take a stroll through the shops downtown or enjoy the local food and wine which is a great way to experience the local culture.

Best Area to Stay in South Haven, Michigan

Let’s explore the very best of what South Haven has to offer by seeing the best and most popular neighborhoods to set down for your holiday:

  • Miami Park – For a breath of fresh air near the lake and close to nature
  • Indian Grove – With an elevation of 191-meters, this quaint hamlet is your home away from home
  • Crystal Beach – A community that is homey and welcoming

There is a lifestyle we have all become accustomed to and finding that same feeling of adventure, or tranquility when traveling abroad is a great way to find your comfort zone and relax into the journey. Seeing the options that are available in South Haven will help you find what you know or to try something completely new, albeit for a little time, and see a different side to life that allows you to push your boundaries of experience.

Find your perfect place to stay in South Haven, Michigan

Miami Park

miami park south haven

Miami Park is neatly situated only a few moment’s drive from downtown South Haven in the northern area, and other than the mere 10 minutes drive to downtown to explore and enjoy the food and wine scene, you have a host of shopping stores to take a stroll through. 

Then as you make your way further up north towards Saugatuck and Douglas you can have great family fun visiting the vast farmlands where you can enjoy the locally grown produce at the cafes on-site, and get the kids involved in the pick-your-own produce activities. 

If you aren’t driving there you don’t need to worry about missing out, there are constant trams available along the shoreline which lead you to sandy play areas and great viewing above the shoreline. There is nothing more relaxing, and romantic than watching the sunset behind the horizon, it is a great memory maker to relive your vacation. 

Top Activities: Rated by travelers’ favorites

  • Kal Haven Trail – Whether you are looking for a hike in nature or a bike ride with the kids and family the Kai trail is the perfect outdoor activity to keep the family entertained, immersed in nature, and burning off some of that energy. The majority of the trail is covered by shady trees which is a blessing in the summer months and the sun beams peeking through and dancing off the branches make for gorgeous photo opportunities.
  • Vanburen Trail State Park – If you are a fitness lover or simply looking to take a brisk walk with the kids as they ride their bikes and scooters alongside, this paved trail is a good choice Smooth so your joints and ankles aren’t at risk like on gravel paths or woodlands, and easy pedaling for little legs on trikes and push bikes. 

Top Attractions: Rated by travelers as must-see stops on your holiday

  • South Haven Lighthouses – Seeing the lighthouses in both winter and summer is gorgeously picturesque. Whether you have the sun high in the sky in the warmer months and the sea washing against the pier or the ice frozen magically against the pier architecture, it is a marvel not to be missed. Voted for a traveler’s choice award the unique red hue stands tall and confident with the oceanic backdrop.
  • Michigan Maritime Museum – Learn all about the maritime heritage of this great town at the museum while shopping for trinkets and beautiful gifts to take home as souvenirs to remember the trip by. Not only that, taking a sail on the boats out to sea for just under 2 hours is a perfect day excursion the whole family can enjoy together.

Top Accommodation: Rated by stars and location

Bed and Breakfast South haven

  • Yelton Manor Bed and Breakfast (5-stars, 8.7 fabulous ratings, 9.6 for location) – The comfort of the beach right on your doorstep, this manor is adult only so you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one or treat them to a peaceful retreat. Full breakfast means you don’t need to go in search of your sustenance to fuel you for the day ahead, and then you can stroll down to and along the beach enjoying the crisp sea air to help you get rid of all your stresses.
  • Inn at the Park Bed and Breakfast (4-stars, 9.3 superb ratings, 9.9 for location) – Visitors particularly love this location because of its amenities making you feel comfortable, welcomed, and at ease as you enjoy the outdoor garden and dining areas, or cuddle in front of the fireplace in your suite. Gourmet breakfast can be enjoyed in the breakfast room or outdoor to embrace the morning and hear the sound of nature waking for the day.

Indian Grove

indian grove south haven

A bespoke suburban neighborhood on the upper end of the real estate scale, and home to many vintage buildings erected between 1940 and 1969 and even a few before 1940 which is a must-see stop for your travels here or even if just through the area.

This tight-knit community is family-friendly and family-orientated where even as a tourist you feel at home. 

Everything is essentially in arms reach, as they say, so the average commute to work is around the 15-minute mark, and probably why the residents are so pleasant. Who wouldn’t want to go to work without all the stress and fuss of a long, tiring commute? And for some walking to work has increased moods and overall health.

Top activities: Rated by travelers’ favorite tours

  • Sailing south Haven – Travelers choice award 2022 – If you are looking for a way to treat the family then this is it, a 2-hour charter, out at sea, and enjoying the ocean air while listening to stories and tales by the professional sailing crew. The trip is kid-friendly and the boat can take up to 6-people so everyone can have fun together. 
  • Blue Water Boat Rentals – The ultimate way to spend the day with the lads. Rent a boat, golf cart, or better yet, jet skis and hit the open water for an adventure of a lifetime. Experience activities you wouldn’t normally do back home, let your hair down, and embrace Indian Grove and all its outdoor immersive activities for what they are, bliss. 

Top Attractions: Rated for day trips not to be missed

  • Coastal Tours – South Haven – If you want to experience all that the coast and area have on show then this tour trip is the one to book. Driven in the tour-guided passenger bus to various wineries and breweries along the coastline allows you not to miss a beat, and learn about locally produced products and sourced international variations. There is something suited to all taste buds. A relaxing tour where you can be present at the moment.
  • KJC ATV Rentals and trails of South Haven – An adventure trip that has the whole family exhilarated. Enjoy the trails and hills with these ATV rentals that anyone from the age of 16 onwards can drive, under 16 can jump on the back. Great in all kinds of weather, and when it’s a bit muddy be prepared to get dirty, absolute fun. Your adrenalin will certainly be pumping at the end of it, a must-try excursion.

Top Accommodation: Rated by lowest stars for a more budget-friendly option

  • Country Inn and Suites by Radisson (2 stars, 7.0 good ratings, 8.3 for location) – The soft sandy beaches of Lake Michigan are only a 10-minute drive away, and after a good bite to eat at the continental breakfast available daily, you can take a drive to the city center which is only 3km away. Close enough to enjoy and far enough to not be intrusive, a win-win property with all the services you could need to be comfortable.
  • Great Lakes Inn and Suites (2 stars, 6.6 pleasant rating) – Simple,yet tastefulroom décor is all you need to rest your head after a long day of adventuring and exploring the neighborhood. The Maritime Museum is only a short drive away from the property to learn more about the culture and history of the coast, and pets are allowed so your furry family member can enjoy a vacation too. And if the weather is hot, enjoy a dip in the pool to cool down.

Crystal Beach

crystal beach south haven

A 10-minute drive from South Haven, this spot is a beach town just shy of Wildwood and south of Indian Grove. While winters in the South Haven are great for skiing or snowboarding or simply just building snowmen, the summers are that much more. 

You can enjoy lake trips, horseback riding along the coast and beaches, and full days out on the green golfing or the water fishing. There is nothing you won’t find for everyone in the family to enjoy and take part in, and venturing back to Crystal Beach to unwind from the day is a great way to take a load off in a unique area.

Top Activities: Water fun for the kids to be the stars of the day

  • Arvesta Sports Complex – Inflatable aqua parks to keep the kids entertained for hours, and there are indoor as well as outdoor activities for them to try. While they are busy you and the hubby can enjoy a paddle on the water too with the rentable wakeboards, or try your hand at skiing if you are feeling brave. A water lover’s paradise.
  • Bangor South Haven Heritage Water Trail – A 23-mile long water trail where the family can enjoy a leisurely paddle along the river and get up close and personal with nature and all its beauty. 

Top Attractions: Farms and Markets for an original sightseeing option and excursion

  • Apple a Day Farm – Children love to get hands-on when it comes to farms and produce and what better way than for them to pick their own apple varieties and cherries. Different colors and versions are available during the changing seasons, and if picking fruit is not for you, you can still enjoy a walk through the orchards in the sunshine and simply choose a ready-picked and packed box to take home with you. 
  • Barden’s Farm Market – Everything you could want from locally, home-grown produce all under one roof. Choose a beautiful bouquet to place in your room for your trip, hand-pick veggies and fruits to snack on or make dinner with while on your vacation, and if you are just passing through you could make a hanging basket with you to adorn your outdoor area as a small token to remember your trip by.

Top Accommodation:  Rated by proximity to the beach

  • Sunset haven (4 stars, 4/5 booking amenities rating, 0 meters from North Beach) – Great for a big group of friends or family, this property has an impressive 5 bedrooms and is fully fitted with all services and amenities you could hope for in a luxury stay away from home. A terrace for outdoor dining anytime of the day with breathtaking views of the ocean as far as the eye can see. Exclusivity and privacy make this property so sought after. 
  • Cherry Lighthouse on the Lake (3 stars, 3/5 booking amenities rating) – Waking up to the sounds of the ocean is just one of the perks of staying at this property, a 360-ceiling experience brings you close to that of living in a lighthouse, and a sun terrace perfect for lazing around during the summer months. Enjoy a moment’s peace away from the city buzz and unwind your mind.

South Haven is seemingly a hidden gem in the Michigan State and area and yet still so popular, not overpopulated so you don’t feel claustrophobic with too many tourists, but not completely remote so you stay in touch with the world. 

There are properties of all shapes and sizes, price ranges that suit all budgets, and plenty of excursions, day trips, and activities to keep you and the family entertained throughout your holiday stay. If you have not yet made a trip to South Haven then now is the time, rich culture, and maritime history, all the while being enjoyed along the winding coastline decorated with soft, sandy beaches and shorelines? 

A tranquil escape to get away from your work schedules and never-ending routines for a chance to reflect, rethink, and most importantly, relax. A good dose of sunshine can do everyone the world of good.

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